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Office Parties

Enjoy pre-packaged services to meet any budget!



We're confident that you'll love our services as much as we do!  Gratuity is at your discretion and is not added to your invoice. It's always appreciated and 18-20% is customary. Enjoy your event!



zen in 10 minutes flat



Energzing Chair Massages (10 minutes)

Text Addict Hand Massages (10 minutes)

BONUS! Massage candle for each guest

up to 16 guests

3 licensed spa therapists, 2 hours


Happy Hour


deadline? what deadline?


Caring Table Massages (15 min)

Instant Manicure Bar

Stiletto Foot Massage

BONUS! Complimentary DIY Beauty Bar**

up to 15 guests

6 licensed spa therapists, 2 hours

**not available in all areas

Special Project

step away for a moment or two...

Includes your choice of any 3 services:

Energizing Chair Massages (15 min)

Caring Table Massage (15 min)

Mini Manicures

Mini Pedicures

 up to 20 guests 

5 spa therapists, 2 hours

Elegant Events

Luxurious spa treatments at your hotel, office or anyplace your imagination takes you... 



Experience onsite 5 star service in the comfort of your own surroundings. We'll bring the spa experience to you...

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